Terms and Conditions

Fit to Fly PCR is the trading name of Pinefield Health Solutions Limited.

Unless otherwise specified, the services offered on this website are directed solely at consumers who access this website from the United Kingdom. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions from time to time by posting new terms and conditions on this website.

We work with secure payment processors and validate the service ordered and the payment details you submit to us before your order can be accepted. Once that has been done, we will acknowledge that your appointment booking has been received by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you provide in your registration form.

Prices may change over time. However, the correct prices will be applied when you select a service and book an appointment. All prices include VAT where appropriate.

When making a booking and placing an order for one of our services, you will receive a Booking confirmation once a successful payment for the service you have chosen has been received.  We will accept that it establishes that you consent to that service, our terms and conditions and that you will be subject to our cancellation policy. 

Please note we take no responsibility for any implications or costs that may arise from the outcome of this service. Our certificate does not guarantee any outcome such as entry into any country. The risk of using this certificate lies solely with the traveller. We will not be liable if travel is denied, and do not take responsibility for any travel disruption. However, be rest assured we will always try our best to deliver excellent service in order to make your journey a successful one!