We have partnered with Randox Health to offer this convenient home sample collection kit for Day 2 COVID-19 testing.


UK Delivery only.


Gold standard PCR methodology with next day results from receipt of sample at the Randox Lab.

Red, amber and green list rules for entering England can be found here.


Once your swab sample has been taken, it must arrive at the lab within 70 hours.


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Day 2 Home Kit

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  • Randox Drop Boxes

    Randox's preferred method for sample return is via the free Randox Drop Box open 7 days a week.

    Please CLICK HERE or view below to see where your closest Randox Drop Box Location is and its closing time.

    If a Randox drop box is not available in your area then they recommend using the DX drop box, each kit should include a DX return label.


    DX Courier

    Please note, drop off times vary by site as per the listing on the DX website so click here for your DX drop opening hours.

    Once you have completed the sample collection process, register your kit online and drop it off at an approved DX location.

    If these return options do not suit your needs, you are also able to return your sample by arranging an alternative courier.


    Alternative Courier

    This alternative courier must be able to accept a biological sample. Please note that arranging an alternative courier is at your own risk and any issues with these 3rd parties must be dealt with directly with them.

    Use the below address to return your sample for testing via an alternative courier:

    FAO Accessioning

    Randox Science Park

    30 Randalstown Rd

    Co Antrim

    BT41 4LF

    Northern Ireland