A Guide To Protect Yourself From Omicron Virus In 2022

Updated: Jan 21

Since the start of the pandemic in 2019, masks have been not much more than a fashion accessory for many. However, with the Omicron cases rising in the UK, medical experts advise people to get a mask upgrade.

Individuals need to replace their standard cloth masks with N95 or FFP2 masks which offer increased protection against the new COVID-19 variants and the new cases that are updating on the Omicron virus. Also, if you don’t wear the mask, you will be searching on Google, “Where can I get a PCR test near me?”

When it comes to better protection, experts have advised everyone to go for a well-fitted mask that covers the nose, mouth and below the chin area. A research team from London suggested that fit modifications provide much better protection from diseases and stop the spread of respiratory droplets, reducing the chance of transmission.

Dr Harish Chafle, a Senior Consultant stated that everyone should go for right-fitting FFP2 masks more than any kind of surgical mask. Also, double masking can help prevent the spread of the virus, especially in the case of health care workers.

How can a correctly fitting mask protect you?

Wearing a mask is not part of the fashion, but rather protecting yourself and others from the virus. Hence you should make sure that there is no leakage of air from any side. Even though face masks don’t provide 100 per cent protection, it offers a significantly greater level of protection against any infection.

So, what masks to use?

Over the last two years, experts have urged using high-functioning masks in place of any reusable cloth masks. Yet, N95 is not the only mask that everyone should rely on. You can also use KF94 or KN95 masks that contain an electrostatic charge.

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