Planning to Travel to the UK in 2022 During Omicron? Here’s What You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 21

With some experts believing the Omicron variant is a less severe version of COVID-19. The WHO has warned that it may still pose a “very high” risk and increase the difficulties for healthcare systems worldwide. Omicron, despite its mildness, is not a normal cold, according to the UN’s health office, and should be taken.

Various countries such as; the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France are bearing the brunt of this new COVID-19 form. They have implemented new restrictions to mitigate the impact.

A quick look at the COVID-19 case count reveals that transmissions of the virus in the United Kingdom increased by roughly 1.6 times in the last three days. While cases in India increased by more than twice.

Easier to enter the United Kingdom than it is to enter the USA

The United States has revoked all travel restrictions imposed on South African countries. It has opted only to allow vaccinated individuals into the country. All overseas travellers, including India, must now undergo testing within one day before boarding a flight.

Instead of making travel more difficult, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to end COVID-19 pre-arrival testing for international travellers. This means that a negative COVID-19 test is not required for travel to the United Kingdom.

The obligation for international travellers, particularly those flying from India to self-isolate upon arrival in England until receiving a negative PCR test result is also being lifted by the British government.

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