Flying Internationally from Heathrow Made Easy

The Heathrow Airport has seen some quiet days this past year. From being one of the busiest airports in the
world to suddenly running only emergency flights, a lot of things changed in 2020. Fortunately, things are
slowly limping back to normalcy which means that international flights are now running. People are beginning
to travel more frequently but with necessary precautions. A Fit to Fly certificate is one of the many things that
have become part of the ‘New Normal’. It is a valid certificate testifying that you have recently tested negative
for SARS-CoV-2 and can board an international flight.

Why You Do Need Negative PCR Certificate?

Most countries have now made it mandatory for individuals to first prove that they have a negative PCR
certificate or in other words a Fit to Fly certificate before they are allowed to enter any country. So, if you want
to travel internationally in 2021, you must get a PCR test Fit to Fly from Heathrow before boarding.

The PCR test is the most reliable and accurate test to detect the presence of the virus in the human body.
Through this test it can be found whether you have been infected by the virus. As has been seen in the case of
Coronavirus, most patients are asymptomatic and do not feel any discomfort even though they are infected.
However, they can still infect others which is why isolation and necessary precautions are crucial. The PCR test
is a sure shot way of finding the presence of the virus within the human body.

Fit To Fly PCR - Your Trusted Neighbourhood Testing Centre

Since it has become mandatory to get a Fit to Fly certificate, you need a trustworthy testing centre in Kent and its neighbourhood to undergo the swab test. We are a UKAS accredited testing centre with state-of-art
facilities. To ensure everyone’s safety, we conduct only on-site testing for which you need prior appointment.
We follow the strictest protocols inside our clinic which is manned by highly efficient and dedicated healthcare

Over the last year we have earned our name as one of the best testing centres in South East England. Whether
you want to get tested just hours before your flight or 36 hours earlier, we have facilities to accommodate all
demands. Not only this, but we also send you the reports within 3 hours!

Call us now at 02039830461 to pre-book your PCR Test in Gillingham and get your Covid-19 Fit to Fly
Certificate within 3 hours. Don’t forget to check our slots online before booking.