Folks in Brentwood – Fit to Fly Certificates Now a Swab Away

It is the time for you to do your part for your community. If you have taken necessary precautions in the last
year by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands regularly, you have helped stay
safe and helped others stay safe too. But that’s not enough. Since you can’t stay home any longer and must go
about doing your business and must travel, it is the time for you to take the test. Yes, the PCR test that
confirms whether you have the virus within you or not.

Why Do PCR Test?

Though the primary reason to undergo the swab test is to determine whether you are infected by the virus,
now it has become mandatory to take the test if you are travelling, especially internationally. Most countries
have mandated foreign nationals to show their PCR negative report upon arriving at their airports. This means
that before you board the flight you must have this report in your hand. And be warned, the report must not
be older than 48 hours. This means that you must look for a reliable and trusted testing centre in your
neighbourhood which offers you state-of-art testing facilities.

Get PCR Test in Brentwood

If you want a test done at Brentwood or anywhere in Kent, Fit to Fly PCR is your trusted testing centre. Over
the last year, we have successfully tested thousands for the Coronavirus. We have the strictest protocols in
place through which we do not allow walk-ins. You must book an appointment through our website before you
want to get your samples tested. Our healthcare workers always wear PPE kits while taking your samples so
that they stay safe and so do you. Our premises are sanitized regularly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Get Reports Within Hours

Since you want a PCR report for boarding a flight, you need them promptly. That’s why we have in place our
four Fit to Fly Certificate plans just for you. You can expediate the process and get a test done only 3 hours
before boarding the flight or if you have your itinerary planned, you can get the test done 36 hours prior to the
flight. We also have 12 hour and 24-hour prior testing facilities in place. Whenever you choose to get tested,
we send the report within 3 hours and that’s our promise!

Call us now at 02039830461 to pre-book your PCR Test in Brentwood and get your Covid-19 Fit to Fly
Certificate within 3 hours. Don’t forget to check our slots online before booking.