Fit To Fly PCR Test in Medway

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the most accurate test for diagnosing Covid-19. It is the standard test accepted worldwide to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2virus. Since the nature of the virus is such that you may or may not experience symptoms even if you are infected, getting tested is necessary especially if you are planning to travel abroad.

In UK and every other country in the world, a foreign national must produce a negative PCR report which they must show at the airport. This means that if you plan to travel from UK to another country, you will need to show your Fit to Fly certificate to even board the flight. Since this protocol is in place, you need a reliable testing centre in your neighbourhood.

This is where Fit to Fly PCR comes into the picture. We are a reliable and accredited testing centre with state-of-art facilities catering to your needs in South EastEngland. Whether you want a PCR test in Medway or Maidstone, Dartford or in Kent, we are just a call away from you.

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Safety Precautions in Place

Keeping in mind the safety protocols, we conduct only on-site tests. This means you must book a slot in advance through our site before you walk in. All swab samples collected are at once sent to our testing labs without delay. We ensure that every sample is immediately tested, and reports reach you within 3 hours.

Depending on the urgency of your travel, you can get a 3 Hour Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate, 12 Hour Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate, 24 Hours Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate or a 36 Hours Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate from us. In any case, we send you the reports within hours, so you don’t have to keep waiting for the reports.

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If your business mandates that you travel internationally or you have a pressing personal matter that needs you to travel abroad, don’t forget the mandatory Fit to Fly certificate. You can trust our services as hundreds and thousands before you have. Over the past year, we have successfully tested thousands for Covid-19. Those who tested positive have immediately sought medical help while others have flown out of the country peacefully.

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Don’t wait for the flight to leave without you! Call us now at 02039830461 to pre-book for PCR Test in Maidstone. Get your Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate in hours. Check our slots and book in advance.